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ff_classchange's Journal

FF Class Change
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FF Class Change is one part of Final Fantasy Land. Here is where you can fill out an application and be sorted into one of our six teams! From then you will work with your team to win the most points. For more information please check out ff_land. Although all the information you need to apply and stamp others is here, please note that this is not the main community. If you submit an application, the expectation is that you will at least try out the activities we run as part of the larger FF Land community.

G U I D E L I N E S   F O R   A P P L I C A N T S

1. Make sure you are using HTML mode when you post your application. Do NOT use the Rich Text Editor! The application is ready to post -- you just need to copy+paste it and add your answers.

2. Be honest in your application. Do not "push" for a certain class (e.g. write up answers with one class in mind).

3. You're free to reply to comments left on your application, as long as you don't argue over what someone has stamped you since this can be seen as pushing.
OK: "Yes, that person is my favorite character too!"
BAD: "I find it odd that you voted me ___! I never saw myself that way before."

4. Please give enough detail in your answers to give people an idea of your general personality. If a question says to explain or describe, a one-word answer is not sufficient!

If you're confused, refer to this guide. If you're ready to apply, here is the application form:

G U I D E L I N E S   F O R   V O T E R S

1. The six possible stamps are Soldier, White Mage, Black Mage, Thief, Monk, and Dragoon. For a more detailed sorting guide, see this post.

2. Bold your final vote (e.g. "I thought Soldier at first, but I think you're actually a Monk because...") to make it easier for mods to tally. Please only bold one class name.

3. Be sure to leave your team name in the subject of your comment or include a tag banner in the body of the comment with your vote. Doing so will earn you 10 points for your team! If you haven't been stamped yet, just say "Unstamped" and the points will be awarded to the team you end up being placed in later.

4. In addition to the six class stamps, you can also decline to vote.
No Vote: This means you read the application but either thought the person was pushing for a class or was being dishonest/trolling.
Needs Elaboration: This means you read the application but thought there wasn't enough detail to make a decision.
If an applicant gets a majority of No Votes or Needs Elaboration, they'll be asked to reapply. Please use these types of votes sparingly, and take into account that English may not be people's first language.

R E S T A M P I N G   P O L I C Y

For those who feel strongly that they were put on a team they don't associate with / cannot be enthusiastic about, there will be a chance to re-stamp but only between games, and only with a special re-stamping app. We recognize that team spirit/loyalty is necessary but at the same time we don't want to undermine the whole stamping game by allowing people to contest their placement. Hopefully this strikes a balance.

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